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CAH Féile

A mini-fleadh ceoil held by our own branch, with emphasis on our younger musicians who may not be competing in the county Fleadh Cheoil. A great chance for all classes to meet up.

Féile 2017 date and details TBC.

N.B. Times and venues are subject to change on the day pending running time of competitions.


Fleadh Cheoil Luimnigh

Fleadh Cheoil Luimnigh 2017 will take place in Glin over the June Bank Holiday weekend.

Check out the Limerick Comhaltas Facebook Page for regular updates and further information!

An up to date version of Rialacha Fleadhanna Ceoil can be found here!


Fleadh Cheoil Na Mumhan

Fleadh Cheoil Na Mumhan 2017 will take place in Cork City from July 20th to 22nd.

Go to the official website http://www.munsterfleadh.ie/ for more details or check them out on Facebook for regular updates!


Fleadh Cheoil Na hÉireann

Fleadh Cheoil Na hÉireann 2017 will take place once again in Ennis, Co.Clare.

More details to follow!


Scrúdú Ceol Tíre (SCT)

As well as weekly classes and preparation for Fleadhanna Cheoil, we offer preparation for the SCT Exams. This set of examinations offers the opportunity to become well rounded in all elements of the Irish Music Tradition including history, theory and repertoire as well as performance.

Registration forms can be downloaded here.

The syllabus for the SCT exams can be found here.