Instrument Bank

The CAH instrument bank is a great facility for our members who wish to try out an instrument on a trial basis and at an affordable fee, before making the decision to invest in an expensive instrument themselves. Children need to be playing the Tin Whistle competently for at least one year before progressing to another instrument.

Instruments available:
♪ Harp- 100 euro per term
♪ Uileann pipes- 60 euro per term
♪ Piano Accordion- 40 euro per term
♪ Button Accordion- 40 euro per term
♪ Concertina- 40 euro per term
♪ Flute- 40 euro per term
♪ Banjo- 40 euro per term
♪ Fiddle- 30 euro per term
♪ Bodhrán- 30 euro per term

Rental Conditions:
• Instruments may be hired by members only on a per term basis
• Term 1: September to end of January
• Term 2: February to June
• Maximum Rental per instrument is 2 terms
• Rental fee must be paid at the beginning of each term
• Instruments must be well looked after and returned in same condition as was received
• Secretary/Sheila to be notified if problem arises with instruments
• Any damage caused and/or repairs necessary must be borne by the member the instrument is on loan to
• Instruments must be returned before the summer holidays

If you wish to rent an instrument next term please fill out this form and return to Sheila or your class secretary.