Membership Now Due

Registration forms will be given out at the first class back. Please ensure to return them promptly to your class secretary or Sheila, with membership fees no later than 30th September 2018. Please complete form most relevant to you – Junior, Senior or Family. Member’s name should be in Irish & English along with a current mobile number and email address for correspondence. Please keep membership fees separate to that of class fees.  All who attend classes must be registered members with Comhaltas for insurance purposes and also for entry into Fleadhanna Cheoil etc.

Along with the membership form we are this year introducing a code of behaviour. This is in line with best practice in other organisations such as the GAA who also have young members. This code is to be signed by both child attending the music class and one of their parents or guardians and returned with the membership form. Failure to return the code of behaviour will restrict the activities your children will be able to get involved in, within the branch.

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